Cash house buyers – Nottingham

Are you asking yourself how do I sell my house fast?

We can help!

We have tenants and buyers waiting for houses in Nottingham and The East Midlands right now, ready to buy today.  If you need to sell fast, we can offer you the solution.  Sell my house fast Nottingham are cash buyers.

If you need to sell your house fast – don’t wait around for a traditional estate agent.  Agents pass the fees onto the seller and you’re at the mercy of their time-table.  If your house isn’t a priority for them, or an easy sale it may take weeks, months, we’ve bought houses from people who’ve been listed with agents with no luck for over a year.

We can offer:

  • No Fees
  • Fair Values
  • Cash Offers!
  • Fast and Discreet
  • All types of properties in any condition
  • All areas of Nottingham

People need to sell quickly for a lot of reasons – upsizing, downsizing, chain breaking, facing repossession or arrears, divorce, probate problems.  We can work with you no matter what your situation is to find a solution as quickly as possible.

At Sell my house fast Nottingham we’re happy to look at properties in all areas of the East Midlands and in all types of conditions.  Properties that require significant repairs and maintenance can be less appealing to owner occupiers, but investors are used to dealing with this type of property and are more likely to agree a reasonable price with you and complete a purchase quickly.

How does it work:

  • Contact us to talk through your situation – we will look at houses in all areas of Nottingham and The East Midlands
  • Arrange a no obligation valuation of your property – someone from Sell my house fast Nottingham will come to you and provide a realistic assessment of what you could achieve as a value for your house
  • In most cases we can make you a cash offer within 24 hours
  • Tell us how quickly you need to complete – we will work to your time frame and can even recommend a solicitor who is fast and cost effective

Don’t be a victim of the poor property market, sell your house quickly with a minimum of fuss and fees well below what you’ll pay with agents.

Don’t wait weeks or months to sell your house, and don’t pay high estate agent fees when you don’t need to.  Explore all your options and find the best way to sell your house fast.

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Nottingham Properties Taking Longer to Sell

We deal with a lot of sellers and real estate agents in the Nottingham area, and in the last 12 months we keep on hearing the same thing from sellers and agents:

Properties are taking longer to sell and vendors are having to offer bigger discounts or incentives to sell their house!

It’s true that right now it’s a buyer’s market and whether your prospective purchaser is an investor, owner occupier or first time buyer, chances are they will have the pick of a number of houses like yours.  That’s where the presentation of your house and the price you’re prepared to accept become really important.

In a difficult property market like the one we’re currently in, if you want to sell your house fast, or sell for maximum value, it’s essential that you present your house in the best possible light.  Make sure you have taken care of all maintenance issues with your house, your gardens should be neat and tidy and if the front of your house isn’t looking it’s best then paint around window frames, fascia boards, even your door so that you maximise curb appeal.

Make sure you keep your house inspection ready when you’re trying to sell, clean and tidy throughout, so that you’re ready whenever someone wants to see it.

People pay particular attention to kitchens and bathrooms, if yours are dated, you have two options, either replace them or offer a realistic discount so your prospective purchaser could afford to replace them his or herself.

Once you’ve presented your house to the highest possible standard, and been completely realistic about price – be careful – make sure any buyer who makes an offer has the finance in place and the means to complete the purchase.  We have heard anecdotal evidence of the average house selling up to 4 times before a buyer has been found who can arrange a mortgage and complete purchase!

Always remember the fastest way to sell your house quickly and simply is to talk to a cash buyer.  Cash buyers will generally seek a discount to the property’s asking price, although not always, but the advantage you have is that you can sell your house quickly and you get a guaranteed sale.  What you lose in pounds today you save in lost time and aggravation.  Remember a pound in your pocket today is yours, while a pound in your head when a buyer comes to the price you want is only a pound in your head!

We can help you sell your house fast, as we can buy your house for cash in under 4 weeks, or can refer you to other buyers who might be interested in your property.

Remember, if you’re listed with an estate agent, but you’ve searched for and found a cash buyer yourself, then you’re not liable to pay the agent’s fee in most cases* for a buyer you’ve found yourself.

* You need to check your contract carefully to check what you are and aren’t liable for when using an estate agent.

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Home Repossession Process

The stages of the house repossession process in the UK

Stage 1

As sooon as you've missed two or more mortgage repayments, your mortgage lender is legally able to start the repossession process for your house.  Before they call on the legal system they will get in touch themselves, usually this won't be through anyone at your local branch that you deal wtih regularly it will be through their debt management department.

Banks and other mortgage lenders are legally bound to treat you fairly and government pressure means they must be seen to do what they can to help you avoid repossession, they should offer advice and options to help you avoid repossession.  The options your lender offers you vary depending on your exact situation but they may allow you to switch to interest only payments for a period of time, if you have equity in your home they might allow you to add the missed payments to the total left to repay, they may allow you to extend the length of your mortgage, or they may offer some other type of short term finance to deal with your problems.

There are two important things to do no matter what options your lender offers.

  1. Make sure you keep notes and request documentation of all offers they make, keep all correspondence so you have a record of what's been discussed in case you need to rely on it later
  2. Seek independent financial advice and think very carefully about what's offered.  In some cases a short term fix may note solve your problems for good, but just create a bigger problem down the track – you shouldn't enter into an agreement with your bank unless you're sure it's right for you and that you can meet your new commitments.

Stage 2

If a few more months pass of unpaid arrears to your mortgage letter, you will get a letter from them or more likely from their solicitor.  The letter will warn you that they're about to begin the repossession process for your home by taking you to court.  At this time your lender can apply for a repossession order.

Stage 3

You will get a summons from the court.  This will give you details of your hearing.

Stage 4

If you don't turn up to court for the hearing to represent yourself or have professional representation then the repossession process will go through without any opposition.  In this situation the judge must award the repossession order (or notice) against you.

If you do turn up to court, then you will have a chance to present your side of the story.  At this point you should consider some sort of legal representation, your bank or mortgage lender will have a solicitor acting for them who is familiar with the process – hopefully this is something you've never had to face before and so it would be a very good idea to seek help from your own solicitor to make sure you're treated fairly.  The judge will hear evidence from both sides and then make a decision about what happens next, there are a number of possible outcomes:

  • Repossession Order.  This means your lender can repossess your home, usually within 28 days and is likely to happen if the judge believes you've made no effort to put the situation right, or if you have no chance of managing a reasonable repayment schedule.
  • Suspended Repossession Order.  If you've agreed that you will make all your normal monthly mortgage payments from this point on and you will pay something towards clearing the arrears and the judge is sure you can afford it, then the judge may suspend the repossession order.  In this case it's important that you do not default again, if you do miss another payment your mortgage lenger can force possession of your house or evict you without another court hearing.
  • Case Adjourned.  If the case can't be heard for some reason on the date set, then a new date will be chosen.
  • Case Dismissed.  The house repossession process can be stop and the case dismissed if you have paid all your arrears and brought your mortgage back up to date.

Stage 5

This is the final part of the house repossession proccess.  If the court judgement has gone against you and they've awarded a repossession order against you or you've missed another payment after being granted a suspended repossession order then your lender can apply for a warrant of eviction notice.  This is a letter telling you that you are legally obliged to leave your home.  In most cases you'll have between 7 and 14 days to leave before a bailiff is sent to physically remove you.


There are several steps to the house repossession process and this guide is an overview of what happens.  The most important thing is to act quickly as soon as you get behind on payments, talk to your lender to see if they will offer a way out and make sure it is something that you are comfortable with and you can meet your financial commitments in the future.  Make sure you understand any offer the lender makes and read the fine print so you don't encounter problems later on.

If you are in trouble seek help at the start to try and avoid the social and financial stigma of repossession.  You should consider selling your house yourself if you don't have options to meet your monthly repayments – you are likely to achieve a better price than the property will get if it's sold as a repossession and you avoid the long term damage to your credit file.

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Using leaflets and postcards to sell your property

If you want to sell your house fast and at the best price it's important to target your efforts where they will generate most buyer interest.  A good place to start is your own neighbourhood.  Many people are attached to the neighbourhood they live in because they've made friends, have family nearby or their children are in good schools in the area – however people often need to upsize or downsize for many different reasons.

Using leaflets and postcards to sell your property can be particularly effective in family areas, especially if you have a larger house that could accomodate growing families.

They can also be very effective in areas with a high proportion of students and young professionals who tend to move more often, even within a local area.

To sel your house quickly at a better price you need to:

  • Consider who you're targeting
  • What about your property would catch their attention if they quickly glanced at a leaflet in their letterbox or a postcard in a shop window?
  • Use bold contrasting colours to be eye catching
  • Include a photo if you can
  • Make sure you're phone number and the house address is in big font
  • Ask permission before you put them up in local shops

Printing costs will depend on your exact design.  Leaflet delivery starts from 3p per leaflet making it a very cost effective way of marketing your house for a quick sale, postcards should be hand placed by you so are even cheaper!

Thinking about who would be most interested in your house can help you target specific areas to speed up the process of selling your house fast:

If you have a family home then put postcards up around local schools

If you've got a flat that would appeal to young professionals, leaflet offices nearby

This is a great strategy to attract buyers in your area if you have a little flair for marketing yourself.

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Using Newspaper ads to sell your property

If you want to sell your house quickly it’s important to cover all bases to target potential buyers.  Local papers normally have a property section with houses for sale, houses wanted to buy and also information on properties to let.  What the sections are called, costs and which day of the week the property section comes out can vary from location to location.

In Nottingham the property section comes out each Thursday.  If you purchase through the paper’s website you’ll get one charge for coverage in each of these places:

  • Nottingham Post
  • Recorder Series
  • Messenger Series
  • East Midlands Metro

Advertising in this classified section is reasonably inexpensive and you’ll be targeting buyers who are looking for houses directly.  Make sure you have a good headline and short and sharp information about your house, focus on the key information:

  • Location
  • Number of Bedrooms
  • Recent Rennovations
  • Gas Central Heating
  • Car Parking Arrangements

Don’t include unneccessary details, most classifieds ads are charged by the number of lines they take up in the paper, so make sure you only include the most important points and use abbreviations where appropriate – you can find information on the internet about commonly used abbreviations in property advertising.  Remember if your goal is to sell your house fast at the highest price you want to be as clear and to the point with prospective buyers.

Most people are now searching the internet for properties on sites like rightmove and finadproperty – these sites have pictures which can be a big selling point for your home.  This means if you’re using more traditional methods like the newspaper you need to be even more compelling with what you say in your ad.  If your local paper allows inclusion of photos or some graphics when you place an ad in the property section, this can be a way to make sure your ad stands out from the others on the page.

The other thing to consider is buying an actual ad in the property section rather than a classified listing.  These will normally allow more flexibility with content and the option for more graphics.  If you want to make sure the ad for your property gets seen, this can be a more expensive, but much more effective means of engaging potential buyers helping you to sell quicker and for a better price.

If you need a cash buyer quicklly, use the form on the right to get in touch with Sell my house fast Nottingham – we can arrange quick completions with No fees, confidential service and fair values.

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Options to sell your house fast

There are a lot more options to sell your house than you might think, and it all depends on what you’re comfortable with, and what your time frame is.  Do you need to sell your house fast?  Are you holding out for the best price?  Are you comfortable being part of a chain?  How hands on do you want to be?

Estate Agents – The traditional way to sell your house, most people do it this way and there are advantages and disadvantages – good if you have time to wait and your property is prime for owner occupiers

Newspaper Ads – There’s normally a particular day your local paper will print a special property section – advertise here to attract buyers, but be warned you will have to handle all the viewings yourself

Leaflets – For those with some marketing flair, deliver yourself for the reallly cheap option, or pay from 3p per leaflet to have them delivered by someone else

Postcards – Another self marketing tool, put some up in shops in your local area, it’s a very personal approach

Auctions – Most likely to sell, can be volatile in terms of price – if a bidding war erupts over your property you may get a big windfall, if it doesn’t you might get well under market value

Local Investors – Great for cash offers and fast sales, find them in the paper, online – the form on the right will put you in contact with some straight away

Online – Facebook, myspace, gumtree, rightmove, zoopla – sometimes low cost or no cost, sometimes expensive, there are lots of ways to sell your house online – great if you know how the technology works and you’re net savvy.

If you need to sell your house quickly, you can arrange a no obligation valuation with Sell my house fast Nottingham – we can view your house at a time that suits you, give you a fair value and in most cases can arrange a cash offer to purchase your property within 48 hours.  Use the contact form on the right to request a callback.

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Selling with estate agents

When looking to sell a house, most people start by talking to their local estate agent – this has the advantage of using their knowledge, experience and contacts in a particular area to market your home, additionally estate agents advertise regularly and have marketing systems in place.

The disadvantage with agents can be their fees, the large volume of houses they’re dealing with and not being able to guage how pro-active they are with your property.

Before you settle on an agent, talk to a few in your area – ask them all what they’d like to list your house at, what price they think you’ll get, and how long it will take to achieve the result.  The more you speak to the better idea you’re going to have of what is actually achievable, and you’re going to know whether one agent is inflating the price to get your business, or buttering you up for a low offer from one of their friends.

Look for an agent that is regularly active in your area, sometimes the biggest agent in town may not be the one that’s best for you, because they don’t focus on the area you’re trying to sell in.  Consider the smaller agencies that have a better knowledge of the area you live in.

Ask all prospective agents whether they keep a list of people looking for property, a good agent should have a system in place to match enquiries they get from buyers with properties for sale – ask them up-front whether thay have anyone on their books looking for a house like yours.

Most importantly, even though you’re paying them to take away the hassle of selling your property, make sure you hassle them so that your property selling remains their priority!

If you need to sell your house quickly then please use the contact form on the right to get in touch with Sell my house fast Nottingham.  We can arrange a cash purchase of your property, with guaranteed fast completion, no fees, fair values and completely confidential service.

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Are you an accidental landlord?

Did you intend to become a landlord?

Or would you have preffered to sell your house fast for a little less money but a lot less hassle?

The current property market has left many people who had no intention of becoming landlords ‘accidental landlords.’  These are former owner occupiers who had trouble selling their home and so decided to rent it out instead.  The only problem is this can lead to dealing with tenants – and not all tenants are good.

There are a lot of people who will tell you that property is a great investment, and for many people it can be, but if you never set out to be a property investor or a landlord for that matter how are you going to handle things when you face a difficult sitation with your tenant.  The alternative is to sell your house to a property investor – someone with experience in the area who is more equipped to dealing with the challenges tenants can create.

So – once you’ve got a house that’s got tenants in it – how do you sell?

Sitting tenants can be a big turn-off to a lot of prospective purchasers, especially if they’re looking to be owner occupiers.  Would you buy a house that you couldn’t move into for six months because there was already a tenant in place?  That’s the challenge your facing, your market is more limited.

Your best option is to look for cash buyers – especially if you want to sell your house fast.  Cash buyers are used to doing fast completions on houses and they’re also mainly investors who are experienced at dealing with tenants.  These are the type of buyers who won’t be put off by tenants and are most likely to offer you a fair price with a realistic sale time-frame.

Find a cash buyer who will buy your tenanted property:

  • Speak with estate agents in your area.  Ask if they deal with a lot of investors, ask their opinion on the price an investor might pay for your property.  Always speak to more than one to make sure you’re getting the truth!
  • You can try marketing your property yourself – newspapers, leaflets and flyers, online with gumtree, zoopla or rightmove, only do this if you don’t mind a lot of hard work and a lot of people wasting your time.
  • Look for local property investors in the newspaper, on websites, many use signs or leaflets themselves so ask your friends and neighbours whether they’ve received any information about people looking for properties where you live.

A word of advice – when you’re approaching property buyers yourself, always look for people who are local to your area, local investors have a better feel for the market and so will be able to pay more reasonable prices.  If you’re researching companies who offer to buy houses for cash, do your research, see what information they have available to help your decision – the more open and honest they are with information, the more likely they are to deal fairly with you.

At Sell my house fast Nottingham we can help if you do want to sell your tenanted property, we can offer great cash prices, quck completion of purchase and since we deal with tenants on a regular basis we’re ready for sitting tenants – good or bad. We are cash buyers, so if you think that could work for you, please get in touch today.

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